Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Hello - my goodness your 4th husband looks like"....well you know who.

Let's see my first husband reminded people of 'no one famous' (nice). My 2nd husband looked like Burt Reynold's twin brother; that got him into a few places that without 'Burt's name', I doubt he'd have been so 'slick'. My 3rd husband looked like Marlon Brando - more 'favors'...thank you Marlon. Oh did I fail to mention they were alcoholics; ended up using drugs, and having affairs - including fathering 2 children by other women during my marriages to them?
My 4th husband - well you have that picture right above this
entry. Sad to report, he ended up with the 'in crowd', and in lots of trouble because of 'being in' - I had to file for divorce because of his
newly-adopted cocaine habit.
My 5th husband was 6'5"; blond-haired, blue-eyed - strong, and strikingly handsome. What I noticed about him when I met him, was 'just his winning smile'. I can tell you he sang like an angel; drank like a fish, and beat me like a master beats his slave.
Let's see, now who wants to be married to
a person who 'looks like' someone famous (because of t.v. and movies); or might
be handsome or pretty to look at, but it's hard to see all that beauty when
you've got one black eye; and the other one is purple and swollen shut. We need to
learn to see with our hearts, and not with our eyes, and because mine were blackened a good deal of the time, I learned even faster....


Ron said...

I read your whole blog. Fascinating. Beautiful tribute to your husband. Perfect music. Six husbands? Is your story as interesting as Henry VIII and his six wives? Now that would be a blog.


Aha, I think Ron read my beginning entries; I bet he hasn't seen what I wrote late on June 18, and again on June 19.

Interesting as Henry VIII - now that would be a BLOG FIT FOR A KING.

Thank you, Ron, for visiting. My best. Diane