Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I remember when my youngest son told me he was in love...

After telling me he wanted to marry a young lady who was Mexican, he said: "I knew you'd understand, after all you wanted to marry a black man - I remember Frank; he was so much fun to be around."

I surely knew what he meant (and felt). It's easy to type these words as I listen to the first five songs I've picked. They were Frank's songs he'd sing to me - the voice of an angel. He loved Lionel Ritchie; his voice was even more beautiful, and he'd sing to me while I played the piano. I've never had such a 'closeness' or a bond with another who loved music the way I do.

Now my son celebrates his 6th wedding anniversary next month; to his beloved Gabriella. It is a beautiful love - I could put their picture here, but he asked me not to, suffice to say they have made a beautiful life together - a perfect love - one they could both see was possible regardless of the outside world and their opinions.

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